About us

Who stands beyond MBhost and how it all started.

MBhost was established in May, 2005 by Alis Hodzic who were sure that
he can make web hosting better. Providing full service, high quality,
very reliable web hosting for clients is difficult for many
hosting-related sites but for us that is just a part of pleasure that
comes with a smile on our clients face. Our philosophy is very simple.
Many hosting companies are trying to charge a client every time they
need something to be done.When something doesn’t work they just turn
their backs and give you many costly surprises. To remove all those too
common frustrations and to avoid disappointments we have created
Monoblue Hosting.

Relationship with ABShost & MBhost

It all started in their early childhood, gaming business renting and
selling games.As the times passed by, ideas and goals changed as well.
Once a dream, became reality, Adnan Hodzic raised ABShost, after some
time, united, MBhost was born by Alis Hodzic. Something that just
started as an idea, today is a family business,so MBhost and ABShost
are part of the HODZIK NETWORK

Every good hosting is only as good as its people. It is our people who
improved hosting and in every situation they are here to offer help and
support. At Monoblue Hosting every time when you contact our support
with your concerns, don’t be surprised if you get a timely and personal
response, when we say 24/7 we mean it.

Our extremely strong and competitive server is located in Quebec – Montreal
with high performance datacenters, using the best equipment with an
excellent support..You won’t find cheaper prices, but you’ll be
suprised with prices and plans we are offering.

If you want to be more successfull, to get rid of website frustrations
and to be supported by excellent staff that cares about you in the
first place and your business as well, Monoblue Hosting is your
smartest choice.